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Welcome to my site about Omusubiya-san! Omusubiyasan is a San-X character which came out in February of 2004. It's not a very popular character and is part of "Friendly Mix."

Omusubiyasan literally means "Onigiri Store Person." An onigiri is a Japanese rice ball. Onigiri can also be referred to as omusubi or nigiri-meshi. Other than Omusibiyasan, I've seen lots of other names for these rice balls. Some of them include San-X Dumpling Friends, San-X Sushi Pals, San-X Sushi Family, and Sushi and Mochi Bar. [more]


6/01/05 ~ Added new merchandise information.
7/03/04 ~ Added fanwork.
6/21/04 ~ Added history of onigiri.
6/20/04 ~ Added new merchandise information.
6/12/04 ~ Added Adoptions.
6/11/04 ~ Site created.


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